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Yet, efforts to restore public trust in the promise of liberal education and inclusive excellence are hampered by a prevailing national rhetoric that attempts to decouple higher education from the American dream.

In response, those of us in the academy must engage in new levels of public intellectualism, ensuring that we are effective communicators of, and participants in, the events of our time.

This session will include an engaging presentation of common federal statistics, their utility, limitations, and reflections from a selective 4-year institution and a community college system.

Biographies: Reeves, Rowen, Ansell, Dwyer Standard 8.6 Educational Effectiveness and Data Form Power Point Presentations: Reeves PDF; Rowen PDF; Ansell PDF Presenter: Skip Kotkins, Senior Consultant, Carney Sandoe & Associates The days of Mr.

In Cf A, nontraditional students complete a fully online, competency-based, project-driven program.

Faculty will begin this session with a very brief overview of the two program, leaving ample time for students to talk about why they chose the program, the benefits and the challenges of this kind of active learning, and, most important the outcomes – how these programs changed them personally and professionally.

Dwyer, Vice Chancellor and Executive Vice President, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI and CIHE Commission member (moderating) Federal statistics reported by institutions to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) are increasingly used in accreditation.

However, not all institutions are equally represented in these federal statistics.

Students will either gain or lose momentum toward completion in part based on the interactions they have with the institution in light of its policies, practices, programs and processes.Pantalone, Associate Professor of Finance, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (moderating)Students from University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Southern New Hampshire University Hear from students about their learning experiences in two unique programs that emphasize project-based, real world problem solving: the UMass Amherst i Cons Program and Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America Program.In the i Cons Program, students learn by choosing and researching real world STEM problems.Biography: Sandel, Staples Videos: Intro to Professor Sandel Standard 1, Standard 6, Standard 8 Presenters: Jennifer Papillo, Associate General Counsel, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT; Steven J.Mc Donald, General Counsel, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; Jeffrey R.

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